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Our most immediate need to complete our fundraising for the Vidya Prashala High School Project near Nasik.


As you can see from the thermometer to the right, things are really hotting up. With your help the 1200+ children at this school will have the a much more promising future very soon.


Beyond this project, our funding needs for projects in 2018-19 are in excess of $400,000. Tens of thousands of lives will be changed forever through this work. Please join us on this incredible journey. 

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Paypal is a really easy way to donate to Operation Toilets, especially for our supporters outside Australia. Also, if you wish to use a credit card to make your contribution, PayPal allows you to do that even if you don't have your own PayPal account.

Please note that our default currency is Australian dollars. If you intend to donate a US dollar amount please check the current exchange rate at

Direct Deposit 

Donations can be made directly to Operation Toilets bank account. For donors outside Australia you will find PayPal to be a far more practical method for sending funds to Operation Toilets

Acct Name: Operation Toilets Australia inc

Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633000

Account No: 157145855


Operation Toilets is a project approved by Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS). Australian tax payers are eligible for tax deductions for any donations made through RAWCS

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